Saturday, July 30, 2011


Lammas in The Living Temple of Diana

During our Lammas celebrations we strive to connect and honor Gaia. We spend the day in contemplation of the greater good, and those within our priesthood spend the day education, volunteering, and/or reaching out to the world around us in healing and love. These are pretty simple concepts but often these are forgotten in the hustle and bustle of daily life.

To think about our wonderful planet, about the element of earth and how it provides structure, support, and strength in our magickal and mundane lives is to look into the very heart of our practices and witness creation taking form. In our creation myth Gea the guardian of Earth springs forth as the great Goddess realizes she has form. Like all things- nothing exists until it is perceived. Those who are in the temple look at our own structure and honor what we do have, then reinforce it with the energies of the earth so it may continue to grow and support us as we grow.

Most in the temple will spend Lammas volunteering at soup kitchens or hospices, they will be out collecting garbage from parks to reclaim nature space, or they will be offering their services to others in need. We believe that giving back to the community is to support the community, and that when you support the community the community will support you.

So as Lammas night approaches we invite you to take a look deep into your own structure be it the three souls, your inner-temple, or the structure of your reality and honor it. Give thanks to those who support you, send blessings to those who got your back, send healing deep into the Earth, and take pride in your beautiful life. In essence we would like you to think about the road you travel and for once stop to smell the roses, maybe even plant one or two.

Gaia, the spirit of our planet is a vast and wondrous thing. She is fertile and ever changing and we who walk upon her are charged with the responsibility to take care of her because she takes care of us. As such, for those who are interested I invite you also to light a candle on Lammas and meditate on Gaia, perhaps even reciting this prayer while in your sacred space of connection.

" Gaia, spirit of this world, I pray unto your highest mountain and unto your deepest cavern that you may know that I know. I pray for your wounds to heal, for your waters to be cleansed, and your air to be purified. I pray for the days when we drank from your teaming waters of life, the days when your forests gave shelter, for the days when man-kind connected to you and searched your mysteries as I do. Mother Gaia, mother of man, I pray for your health, I pray for your wisdom, and I pray for your strength. Do not cry great mother, but be strong and mighty for I have not forgotten you."

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