My name is Devin Hunter and I am just like everybody else! Except, I am a witch, a psychic medium, shaman, teacher, journalist, and the host of The Modern Witch Podcast!
I grew up in a loving spiritual environment where my spiritual practices developed at an early age. As a child I was known for speeking to angels, talking to the spirits in the trees, and for banging on pots-and-pans. As I grew up I relized like most psychic children that I was a bit differrent than others.
I came to the craft quite naturally. By the time I was thirteen I had dedicated myself to the path of witchcraft, as I had had too many experiences as a psychic child to ignore the possibility of life manifesting in many ways. I studied hard, and with my pagan father I embarked on the path of healing, empowerment, and the reclaiming of my god self. For many years I practiced alone, lead seances in secret, gave readings to friends and family, and then when I was sixteen I had a breakthrough.
During what started off as a normal reading for a friend I began to speek to her beloved aunt who had passed away a few years before. The spirit of this departed loved one gave me vivid and accurate intimate details that left my friend and I with no doubt that something big had happened. I became sensitive to much more than the spirits of the woods and angels, but to the souls and spirit guides of others.
When I turned 18 I embarked on the path of becomming a priest and a few years later had recieved my third degree in Wicca. At this point I had already been teaching classes at local stores, had a few articles out in circulation, and had opened a private psychic practice in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Along with teaching and my psychic practice I waited tables and tended bar for a few years. In 2007 I became a member of the Board of Directors for the Pagan Community Counsel of Ohio (PCCO) and remained there untill 2009. While with the PCCO I was called "Generation X's answer to Modern Day Witchcraft." -A blurb I was happy to recieve but unexpected none the less.
Over the next two years my life would take to change in major forms. I moved to California to continue my studies in witchcraft, and was able to become a member of the team at The Mystic Dream, a spiritual supply store in Walnut Creek, California.
Currently I am teaching at The Mystic Dream, offering psychic and magical services(see services page for details), and host The Modern Witch Podcast.