Since the beginning of time man has been intrigued and enchanted by the realms of magick and the other world. A few select people learned to walk between the worlds and to dance on either side blending magick and mystery into reality, to create change, conquer fear, and to look beyond the superficial reality into a land of spirits, deep magick, and absolute enchantment. The way of the witch is defined solely by their own motivation, some witches practice only the magick of the earth, some only the magick of the spirit world, and others the magick of all worlds. It is our divine right to rise above the everyday ordinary and to become something extra-ordinary. To be a witch in the deepest sense of the word is to be that which is the living embodiment of the extra-ordinary, to be and to create the changes in the world that must come.
In the old days to be a witch was a crime punishable by death and as a result the sacred mysteries of the craft went under-ground only to rise again one day. That day is today.
In the Gospel of Aradia the Goddess Diana, queen of the witches, sent her daughter Aradia to earth in the form of a human so that she could teach the ways of witchcraft to the disenchanted souls of the oppressed, those made slaves by the rich and the greedy, those made outlaws by the society and the church. She taught those who were forced into oppression to rise against the lords of mankind, to dance in the sacred groves, and to call forth the spirits of the departed and the spirits of the other-world. Her message to those who would fain to study witchcraft in her school was to become more than we knew we were capable of, to become the vessels and the channels for great magick. Diana, the “Peoples Goddess” was and always has been the matron of all witchcraft beloved by the oppressed and feared by those who would oppress, and from her ancient cult of followers the witchcraft of the people was born.
This year and a day study will guide you through the mysteries of the unknown worlds within, to unlock the sacred power of the witches who have come before you, and to rise above the ordinary. “'Tis true indeed that thou a spirit art, but thou were born to become again.” This class will teach you to become.... again.

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