Friday, January 6, 2012

Pagan Blog Project Week One: Invocation of Aradia

This short and sweet post is my meager contribution to Rowan Pendragon's Pagan Blog Project. This week's letter was A.

Pagan Blog Project Entry 1- Invocation of Aradia

    Aradia is a famous witch from Italian pagan folk mythology who is said to be the daughter of the Goddess Diana and her Brother/Son/Consort Lucifer. In Charles G Lelland’s Aradia: Gospel of the Witches Aradia is instructed to come to earth as an avatar to teach the oppressed the old ways of witchcraft so they could use it against the ruling Roman Catholic Church in their fight for freedom.

    In The Living Temple of Diana Aradia is seen as a teaching spirit guide/ally through the studies of magick, occult philosophy, personal growth, and the creation of personal gnosis. We invoke her when we are in need of guidance upon our paths as witches. In honor of the first week of the Rowan Pendragon’s Pagan Blog Project I have chosen to share this invocation.

In a circle light a white candle and face North. Arms in the air, palms facing the sky.

Aradia! Aradia! Aradia!
Great Queen of the Witches, Mistress of the deepest mysteries I call to you!

Aradia! Aradia!
Walker between the realms, bringer of the sovereign crown I call you here!

She who marks the path unfolding, daughter of Diana be here now!


  1. Thanks for this invocation!!!

  2. No prob! Enjoy, use, add to your collection!

  3. I just hope that is a good thing!

  4. Thank you Devin. I admit I know little to nothing of Aradia.