Thursday, January 5, 2012

Modern Witch MAGAZINE

 Modern Witch Magazine Press Release

The producers of The Modern Witch Podcast have officially begun work on the inaugural issue of Modern Witch Magazine!

Each issue will include articles from leaders in the modern witchcraft community including well known authors, bloggers, and activists. We will include featured content such as rituals, spells, rites of passage, Sabbats, and interviews with pagan leaders and musicians. We are also pleased to announce that we will be including book, music, and product reviews for today’s hottest occult supplies, and something we are excited to introduce that we are calling “Spell Pages.”

“Spell Pages” will be one of the many perks of getting this magazine! Each issue will include several 8.5x11 pages that can be cut out of the back of the Magazine. These pages will be professionally designed Book of Shadows (BOS) entries that can be added to your own BOS! Another special feature will be special links for free professional guided meditations, music downloads, and videos that you can only get by purchasing the magazine!

Currently we are accepting submissions and advertisement for the following issues:

IMBOLC  2012-  The Fire Within
In this issue we are seeking to explore the personal worldview of practitioners of modern witchcraft. This issue will pay special attention to spell & ritual work dedicated to igniting the flame within, the magic of self empowerment, ways to produce and use Mana, and more!

OSTARA 2012- The Rise of the Goddess
For Ostara we are choosing to celebrate the ascension of the Goddess through the magic of personal and communal realization. We will address the worship of the Goddess in the 21st century, spells and rituals for new beginnings and final endings, celebratory magic, Goddess temples and shrines, and much more!

BELTAINE 2012- Sacred Sexuality
The kid gloves are off and we are talking about sex baby! Sexuality is best served with a healthy dose of spirituality and magic! Topics will include sexuality as a sacred, magic for getting what you want (and need) in the bedroom, fertility statues, sex magic, the magic of le petite morte, and more!

*PLEASE NOTE: We are already tight for advertisement spots! We do not plan on being a magazine that bombards people with ads, we wish to focus on the content. As such we have limited ad space available and it is going quick!

For more information e-mail .  For submissions and submission inquiries e-mail For advertising please inquire at

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